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Narrative journalism articles

  • Mystery of the Corkscrew Seals

    Mystery of the Corkscrew Seals

    animals, features, narrative, science, wildlife

    It struck at midnight. The two harbor seal pups were swimming in six feet of water, less than 90 feet from shore when it happened. When the animals washed up dead on the beach, their bizarre wounds revealed they were the latest victims of a mysterious seal killer in the waters around Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

  • To Bee or Not To Bee

    To Bee or Not To Bee

    All, animals, environment, features, narrative, science, wildlife

    A bumblebee species hasn't been seen in decades. Has everyone just been looking in the wrong place?

  • Vermont Be Dammed

    Vermont Be Dammed

    All, environment, features, narrative, rivers

    Dams in Vermont prevent millions of dollars of flood damage in Connecticut, but Connecticut pays pennies for them.

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark

    All, animals, environment, features, narrative, wildlife

    At first, white nose syndrome was a mystery.

  • Leaping Lizards

    Leaping Lizards

    All, animals, features, narrative

    How much is that lizard in the window? A visit to a reptile convention.

  • Second Chances Start Here

    Second Chances Start Here

    802 stories, All, features, narrative

    A former crime victim advocates for ex-cons.

  • Rattle the Experts

    Rattle the Experts

    All, animals, environment, features, narrative, wildlife

    Two men knew there was something wrong with New England's rattlesnakes. Could they convince the experts before it was too late?